Do your kids think learning is boring? Do you feel like your kids aren’t learning much? Or do you just want to add a little fun into learning? Look at how your school is teaching your kids or at how your teaching your kids.

Would you want to learn this way?

Think about it. If you were your kids age, would you want to do worksheets and flashcards? Even now, do you want to be doing worksheets or flashcards or is just something you did to learn? Do you like sitting there having someone tell you that you have to learn all day? Would you want to do the same thing everyday or would you like a variety?

In my time working with kids, I have heard too many of them ask me “why learning can’t be fun?” Or “why isn’t learning fun like games?” Or “this is so boring!”. So at the younger ages why isn’t learning fun? Why isn’t it something we want to do?

Learning can be fun! Especially at the younger ages! If it’s not something your kids want to do they get bored and they don’t really pay attention or they act out. So why not make learning something your kids want to do. Make it something they chose to do instead of something they are forced to do. They will learn twice as quick and get more out of it!

Stop forcing your kids to learn and make it something they want to do. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t want to do it they probably don’t want to either.

There is always another way. If you are ever struggling to teach something to your kids send me a message and I will create a fun way for you to teach it to them.

These activities can be done in a preschool or school setting with more kids or in a home setting with just one kid. Either way you will see the kid(s) growth just from doing fun activities! These games are designed to be easy to play, fun for the kids and completely educational. They are short games that the kids can focus their attention on for a few minutes then move to the next thing. They are great for teaching young kids how to play board games, matching games and follow rules as well as learn and have fun!

  • Color Games: This game is ideal for your younger kids who are learning their colors and how to play beginning level games. Fun, easy and educational!
  • Letter Sounds Board Game: There are many ways to teach your kids the sounds each letters make. This game is designed to be a fun way to learn your letter sounds and be a perfect beginning board game for kids.
  • Alphabet Monster Game: This game is designed to make the children laugh and learn their letter sounds at the same time. The monster holders a letter and the kids have to feed the words that start with the right letter to the monster. If they get it right make chomp sound if they get it wrong make it sound like its gross.
  • Sounds Board Game: This board game is designed to help your kids learn the sounds that vowels together can make. It’s a fun way for them to see the sounds close to each other and learn the difference between each vowel combination.
  • Vowel Family Board Games: This set of vowel family board games teaches the kids to start putting letters together to make words easier to read. Before you start go over the family sounds and then throughout the game the kids practice using those sounds. After playing these games a couple of times your kids will start to get the hang of it and these words will be easy for them.
    1. Short A Family Board Game
    2. Short E Family Board Game
    3. Short I Family Board Game
    4. Short O Family Board Game
    5. Short U Family Board Game